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The photo of the me & David Sedaris is from his 2006 "Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim" book tour. My sister and I go see him whenever he comes to Chicago, and he always signs things afterward. That particular night, we were near the end of the line and it was around 11pm. He’d had a very long day and was giving out travel packs of aspirin to anyone who wanted some. The things he’s inscribed in my books are frameable. He even sent me a birthday card for my 30th, because my sister wrote and asked him to.

I listened to his recent Fresh Air interview (promoting his latest book "Let’s Explore Diabetes With Owls") Wednesday and found yet another reason to adore him. I already have a long list. There really was no need to add anything else. But this could not be denied:

He used the term “higglety-pigglety” in a sentence when answering one of Terry Gross’ questions. Higglety-pigglety! I couldn’t believe my ears, so I looked up the transcript, and he really said it.

Have you ever known anyone (under the age of 95 years old) who says that? I have not. He’s the greatest.

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  1. grimpeurbrosspecialtycoffee said: That was a great interview. Delayed a bike ride to listen to the last half and then re-listened to it yesterday. Great pic…you should to smile more…lulz
  2. soulsistrin said: I love David Sedaris, I think I’ve read all of his books to date. I knew you were my people :)
  3. msdeenyc said: I LOVE him! He was an elf at Santaland the same time i was:) In fact, Richie the elf who he writes about is a friend of mine! lol! He got it spot-on in Santaland Diaries.
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