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The vocal run that Beyonce does at the beginning of her song Countdown is ridiculous, and I’ve been thinking how funny it would be to have it as a message alert on my phone. It’s the only thing that has come close to the hilarity of the message alert I’ve been using for a few months that STILL makes me laugh, Enrique Iglesias’ super-creepy whispering of “Te quiero mi amor…”, from his song Bailamos. (My thanks once again to Jack for making that one happen for me with his computer/music magic.) 

Last night, my 18 y.o. nephew and Favorite Jason Ever used his DJ/music editing program to make the Beyonce Countdown vocal run message alert tone a dream come true for me. I was cry-laughing over this whole thing partially because of the genius subject line he used when he emailed it to me:


That subject line may only be funny once you listen to the vocal run, but trust, IT. IS. HILARIOUS. Also, you should hit play right now and imagine my phone making this sound several times a day… and picture the look on people’s faces when they hear it for the first time. I always put my phone on silent when I’m at work, but once in awhile I forget, so the first time my co-workers hear Beyonce coming out of my purse (as I scramble to silence it) will be great. I can’t wait.

It really is the little things. I can’t imagine a life in which I’m not making myself laugh with dumb, delightful things like this and I’m so glad I have friends & family who help me make those dumb, delightful things I think up in my head a reality.

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